Reception staff assist Patients with accessing Appointmetns and Services in the Surgery.They have access to all your medical records and provide information about hospital letters, referrals and prescriptions.

They can issue authorised repeat medications but cannot under any circumstances change or reauthorise prescriptions.

Ashley Medical Centre adopt DHSS Policy on ZERO Tolerance against the abuse of Staff. This includes verbal abuse. Reception Staff work to strict Protocols which have been agreed and authorised by the Doctors and Practice Manager,

Patients who breach this policy will be given a warning and any repeat of the behaviour may be asked to leave the Practice.

All telephone calls to the Surgery are now recorded. These are monitored regularly by the Practice Manager and Doctors

Practice Management

Mr Alex Larmour (m)

Alex is responsible for the Management of the Medical Centre, Doctors, Staff and Patients. This includes premises, telephones and grounds.  He has responibility for Health & Safety; Data Protection and dealing with all complaints. He manages the employement of staff including locum Doctors.

With the Doctors he manages the delivery of Essential Medical Services, Enhanced Services and is responsible for the organisaiton of screening programmes (e.g. Cervical Screening) With Dr Craig he has reponsibility for Clinical and Corporate Governance and probity.

If Patients wish to discuss any aspect of the Surgery where they may have a concern, or complaint they should make an appointment with Mr. Larmour. Mr Larmour will endeavour to  see Patients as quickly as possible usually on the day, however in some instances Patient may need to book an appointment at a latter date.


Ashley Medical Centre has a team of 7 clerical/administrative staff who support the Practice Manager, Doctors and Nurses. These staff are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Reception and surgeries. Information may be passed to Reception Staff in order to enable Doctors and Nurses to make decisions about your care. Clerical/Administrative staff, like Doctors and Nurses, are bound by the Data Protection Act, therefore confidential, private and sensitive information may be given to them in order for them to assist you, and inform Doctors and Nurses of your needs.

We ask Patients that they provide Reception Staff with as much detail as possible. It maybe that your request can be dealt with more quickly via a request on the Acute screen for the GPs or via our Practice Nurse.
Our Reception staff deal with prescriptions both repeat and acute; hospital letters; private medical reports; booking of appointments for all clinicians and clinics; They have access to all Patients records. However they can only work within the limits of their responsibility and cannot issue or reauthorise medication or sickness certificates.
Our aim is to offer a professional, friendly efficient service to all our Patients. In some instances this can take time and we ask that Patients be patient and respect the rights of other Patients including confidentiality whilst at the reception desk and on the telephone. Staff will attend to Patients as quickly as possible.
Janina (f)

Janina is our Senior Receptionist and also works as our Healthcare Assistant. As her role crosses both clinical and administration she can often have acess to more information if required.

She assists the Practice Manager with the running of reception and administration of the Surgery.

In the Absence of the Practice Manager she will be the point of contact for Patients.

Lynn (f)

As well as reception Lynn is also training to work in the Treatment Room. Her training is ongoing and she will be in the Treatment Room shadowing Janina or Brenda from time to time.

Geraldine (f)
Geraldine is Deputy Senior Receptionist. She assists the Senior Receptionist and Practice Manager in the smooth running of reception and administration of the Surgery.
Emma (f)
Sharon (f)
















Lisa (f)
Kirsty (f)
Margaret (f)
Cathy (f)
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